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  1. anyone have any leads on the Girm Reaper that goes on top of some of the diggers? thanks
  2. *whispers* thats still the same body
  3. YES. ARENA. YES. i would suggest not baking your chassis, it doesn't really do anything more than what a solid color and a good spec and shine texture can do
  4. stay out of the deep. also, kozak, any inclination of what/who's Blackwell or Sipes chassis was?
  5. mayonnaise.
  6. MAJOR TRIGGER ALERT Zoomies not being used in arena shows anymore. no more gravedigger vroom vrooms
  7. honestly, really nice work man. only thing glaring at me is that the chassis need to be edge split. It may just be the angle the 4link tabs look a little darker around the edges than normally, which usually tells it hasnt been edge split. good work so far tho! i would also recommend not releasing it until GD23 has performed with Tyler behind the wheel, just so you can have a more up to date digger
  8. we waste no time here at Sim-Monsters
  9. heard FELD wants to take away everything that makes Pablo's Digger...Pablo's which means the purple beads would be getting the boot, along with the red shock towers and tie rods... hope it doesnt go in affect
  10. "man"
  11. Credit is usually to give recognition to the content creator who actually MADE the prop from scratch. if you re-rexture it with something other than the original texture, than just take credit for that, and give the prop credit to the original maker. Not hounding you about it, just giving you a heads up, clever truck tho
  12. 23 is actually Tyler's Digger
  13. All those guys' chassis are still over seas. Thats why they havent been scheduled. not sure whats holding up the chassis tho
  14. call it trash... jk but it would probably look cleaner if you either delete the roll cage, OR modify it so, it fits around/behind the cab of the body, ya get me?