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  1. Waiting for you to make it.
  2. workin on it,,,slowly but surely if someone wants to help me find some pictures of Justin Snipes' shocks, thatd be great
  3. i like the dirt
  4. no i actually like it and i thought the rotor sparks was a great touch....damn.
  5. For starters, i would strongly recommend for to use the Sub Surf modifer. Definitely helps cut down on the very sharp corners you have.
  7. i'd probably look for a better body for Fluffy...everything else looks like intercourse tho. great job Chris
  8. hi, My name is Fernando Martinez, and i'd like to send in an application to have each one of your babies.
  9. "good job brother, i love the 80's and every post related to the 80's, so i really LOVE this one brother"
  10. im gonna take a wild guess and say that its really not, for the 32nd time
  11. welcome buddy. We hope you leave your mark on the site in a positive way!
  12. no its going to be released with just motor mounts and planeteriesOF COURSE THE BODY WILL BE RELEASED WITH THE TRUCK imnotactuallyajerkbutyourecommenttickledmybrain.
  13. hey man, couple of pointers: 1. try to work on scaling of the jumps and ramps. Meaning, try to make each jump the height and width of the actual ones in relation to a monster truck. Its best to bring either a truck file N/B or a chassis a set of tires into blender with you to see how your obstacles will look compared to the trucks. This helps avoid super huge jumps, very small etc. 2. Watch videos of the real life event, and see how each obstacle throw or pitches the truck. Try to the best of your ability to shape them like the real ones (helps if you have a truck in blender to compare) before exporting. After that, test out the jumps and see how they compare to the real things. Adjust as much as needed. 3. Try to not make the ramps so boxy. This cuts the ability to cross thread or hit the ramp without feeling like you hit a brick wall. Unless the real life track had very sharp edges, make sure yours are fairly hittable from all sides. 4. Go to the tutorials sections and look for MJFanatic's track making tutorial. It gives you everything you need to know. 5. Practice! Thanks for attempting to make a track. Your efforts are really appreciated. Keep it up!
  14. please let me make you new rims for those trucks.