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  1. I'm glad we have you Chris.
  2. spec for a body that's paint is matte? i mean i wouldn't (i didnt) to each their own
  3. thats dope! ^^
  4. i was gonna say hi right there and then, but i didnt......i did snap a candid tho
  5. oh?
  6. ...and an entirely new body. cmon guys, dont just half-do stuff. If you're going to make something and a component hasnt been made for it, either MAKE IT, or find someone who can make it. Please do not just find something slightly similar and call it good.
  7. Bo, i think you guys forgot your ObsessedGrill2017.png and ObsessedHeadlight.png
  8. looks very good man, only critique for you rn is to shorten the shock towers up to the mid part of the sidewalls...looks real nice tho
  9. i might... and i also might just..... but everything is a might until, MAYBE after Vegas
  10. red for sure
  11. i cant find a pic rn, but its basicallya piece of lexan that sits behind the side windows. Usually used when its raining to stop water or mud from getting in the cabin... It's used based on weather, so its not always on, but if you decide to throw it on the truck regardless, itd be a nice tough too
  12. The greens on the wrap are way too bright, and the wheels arent vibrant enough, Almost a neon green.........and Coty runs window lexan btw, among a lot of other small things, but looks fair so far. definitely tweak the graphic and wheel colors tho