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  1. and chassis mesh? im mainly talking about the wheelbase length, unless im not understanding what you mean.
  2. an inch makes a difference, just ask your mom.
  3. whatever you do, please dont use that long travel N/B..asthetic wise, it just makes the truck look long and disproportionate. A regular v4 N/B is more accurate to scale. just my 2 cents tho.
  4. easily better than anything you've made in the last 3 years. keep up the progress buddy!
  5. is it bad the only thing i noticed while scrolling past this was the different BKT's xD. Looks good from the picture, if i were you, i'd just remove the doubles on the body and re-export. That pic seems to show the body after an edge split job.
  6. wrong thread, but still a sweet piece from whoever made it.
  7. ...is it bad that i dont get it, or is that what you were going for.
  8. id actually be down to model the camper to the Ford body for Cleatus if he throws the Cleatus Robot shots my way so i could paint it. I wouldnt mind making the replica truck actually.
  9. something i made almost a year ago. Mostly not 60 fps , but i dont have the greatest video recording program, or the best computer to shoot high quality footage, but it was just something to highlight some of the customs over the years. Plan on making another one with your your guys' updated trucks! And this is also a pretty dated video of a quick 10-minute custom i made, inspired by the YouTube channel personalities, The Hodge Twins (@TwinMuscleWorkout-YoutTube) Lastly, a little edit to Johan's already exisitng Montgomery Bounty and video to go along with it. Really trying to bring a new style of RoR videos by creating them from an audience point of view or at least different camera angles, rather than just watching the rear of a truck freestyle. (yes Bandicam ew, and i also dont have the greatest editing software *cough* windowsmoviemaker *cough*, but im working on getting better of both of those.) (all shot on .37)
  10. eff off buddy.
  11. ..........Blaise............finish. a. project. before. making. more. When you throw things together just on a whim, you miss A LOT of detail...and that Digger right there, missing A LOT of glaring details. Hopefully not your finished product.
  12. not too bad! i planned to paint it from scratch and this is semi-workable. Thanks very much! however, if there are more clear shots, send em my way
  13. Not to put down your work or anything, but i would probably go with the paint Alan did. Looks a tad more accurate, and has a smoother transition into the purple. AND AND AND please...PLEASE....widen up the body just a tad. The skinny chassis fitting body just makes the bull body look weird....Have proportion!
  14. ...im not entirely sure about what im seeing on this page...................but i guess as long as you guys are having fun and growing your skills, more power to ya!
  15. any link to that?