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I need help

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Hello My name is Brandon and I am new to RoR. I was wondering if someone can tell me the controls to the rear steering for the monster trucks. If someone can help I would appreciate it. 

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1 hour ago, Brandonh619 said:

Everytime I use F2 it just lowers my brightness

You can change those commands. In File Explorer, go here:

Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.xx\config

Open input.map with a word processor (Notepad, MS Word, Notepad++). Go to these two lines:

COMMANDS_01                    Keyboard             EXPL+F1 
COMMANDS_02                    Keyboard             EXPL+F2 

Deleting the EXPL part won't make a difference, but you should change F1 and F2 to whatever you like (I replaced them with 1 and 2, respectively).

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