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What tipe of chassis runs on Brutus 2018 breakable?


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2 hours ago, Robotpazzo said:

When I spawn the truck, the chassis is white, I have tried with some trucks but nothing. I can't find that chassis.

Typically this means that the image used to texture the chassis is missing from the .zip. To check that go to .zip, wherever you put it in your ror folder, and go to the .truck file(just open with notepad)

After this, scroll all the way to the section of the file that is titled "Props", and in the first few lines after that it will say something to the effect of "Brutuschassis.mesh" or something similar. Whatever it says, find the .material that has a similar name to the .mesh, and open it with notepad.

Double check to make sure all the .png's that the .material file says are in your .zip. If there is a .png that is missing, try to find it in another .zip in your ror folder. Do this until you know that all of the .png's that the .material calls for are in your .zip, and spawn the truck in ror to see if that fixed the problem.

Hopefully this helps, or gives you an idea of what to do

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Wait...there's a Brutus breakable? I've never seen it before, is it even on the site still? 


Sorry for posting on an 'older' post if it's an issue, not like many posts get bumped anyways.

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