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Welcome to the Mutant Super Soda Tour sign ups. This tour will be Two Wheel Skill Racing and Freestyle. Each comp will give you points in the lead for being crowned tour champion. For our last stop we will go to Monster Jam world finals VII in Las Vegas NV. There we will crown the Racing champion the Freestyle champion and new for this year the Two Wheel Skill Champion the Big air champion and the Donut champion. This tour will be a stadium tour only unless we get enough people for an arena tour to. This is going to be a replica only tour. We will have a test event but if you join you will find out more on the discord server. If you are interested plz let me know. sign ups close the 21st. PLZ sign up like shown below


Discord name- stinger#5506

Sim monsters name- stinger

Truck - the truck you will use'

Link to truck-Link to truck u  will use


Hope to see u there


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discord name - prettywicked #5017

sim monsters name- prettywickedson

truck- Earth shaker 2017

truck link- http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/2876-earth-shaker-2017/

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18 minutes ago, BlackOut975 said:

is it to late to join

Yes this tour is no longer active at the moment and probably wont be used again

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