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Track making idea I thought of at 2am

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Alright hear me out on this. But I got an idea and I think this is the best place to post it, I was also thinking the question or request pages but this is more of something thats been on my mind involving track making. Now I'm going to assume the probability of this being remotely good is low, but I think if it works it could completely change how tracks are made and could increase how many *replica* monster jam tracks are made.
So, as another fair warning, this is coming from a guy who barely knows how to clone a truck and can't even export a track into ROR. But this idea came to mind after exploring the code in ROR.

With monster jam being very creative with their tracks this year and the past few years I thought of an idea that involves making a set amount of tracks, just tracks, no stadiums and exporting them to ROR. Similar to beta tracks before they have a stadium made. Now what I mean by *set amount* of tracks is different lengths and prop placement (Short track with backflip on starting line side, Long track with backflip ramp on far side of track etc.) Then taking existing stadiums and leaving the inside empty except for a floor, and then exporting it to ROR as well. Then make a Ternn file and putting them both in like how most people do the collision and noncollision parts of tracks. Wouldnt that make a track with only two premade models? Now complications would be track paint, stadium tarps, and lining up the two models. Which the paint and tarps could easily be worked around with simple repainting, I've seen it done. For example: If there is a Short 2019 Green Track and a Blue Tarp Metlife Stadium, you line the two models up and the track fits but say you want the tarps and track red, well you do that, it would only take a day or two to complete the actual track once you have the models. Now you could be thinking that just making the track would be easier but again hear me out, what I have found when messing around making replica tracks is that they are difficult to make. And think of how we've been making trucks for the past however many years, sure it takes time to make the models but once they are done the possibilitys are near endless. Another thing you might ask is, "Well MJ is probably going to make a new track next year." Well we make the models. Easier said then done I guess, I know that stuff isn't easy to make, but like I said above, you could cut track making time in half after all the models are made. And who knows, feld might say they are keeping the track design the way it is, and all we need to do is put two models in a line of code and do a bit of paintwork and its all good. Another thing is that the creators of the tracks and stadiums would have to allow the same thing truck creators allow, the ability to have a model shared and used for many reasons. Now please don't tear into me on why this wouldn't work because really I doubt it would, I know it takes a lot of time and effort to make a track and stadium for every replica, but I had a thought and wanted to at least get it out there.

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