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  1. Name: Dominic HocuttTruck: Avenger Hot Rod Custom 2019Link: Discord: domo1988#8316
  2. I am in this hahaha. Takes me back this was my first league i was racing in the gunslinger truck
  3. Seriously i drive the trucks on there all the time bruh
  4. google or youtube bro there's plenty out there
  5. Baharama https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/bajarama.268/
  6. Baharama Toronto 2006
  7. all sign up are simple Name: Discord: Truck: Link to truck That's how it look most of the time
  8. Are y'all still using outlawed chassis or bulding from the ground up
  9. Name: Dominic Hocutt Truck: Avenger s10 Truck Link: Discord: Domo1988 #8316
  10. i put a few up but always got ignored
  11. Thats Beyond awesome. Thats what i'm talking about more circuit tracks are coming i hope lol manely MTM2 era
    Eveeything is real perfect your the only one that always releashed penda trucks instead of sticking to current trucks keep up the good work
  12. Name: TrinityCrusher Body:None Chassis: custom Chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): Yellow and Black like a police crime secne tape Other details: Love to add some flag mounts to hang flags off the back [SKIN] (Include in topic title) ex
  13. What a user name but anyways yeah it doesn't work with the updated version
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