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Been giving this a bit of thought and decided to go ahead and post it, basic request guidelines are below.


  • Large good quality image of what you want (car, truck, person etc)
  • Truck or team logo (If not part of V4 pack, please specify if you want the logo added to your sig)
  • All sizes will be the same for cutouts and bar versions if anyone wants those
  • Does NOT have to be monster truck related
  • Custom signature can also be done (truck name, driver name, your name etc)
  • I may not be able to do everything you ask or because there is an overwhelming amount of requests so if you'd like to volunteer please post such below.





(Image: Monster Jam, Logo and flames v4 pack)


Titan bar one is a basic slap together just so you have a general idea of what it may look like so it's not that great.


Current Requests (who requested it - who is making it)

Ghost1031 - RKM


Completed Requests (who requested it - who completed it)

obsessionracing - RKM


-Last updated 2/5/2013

Edited by RKM

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