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Off Road Club


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  1. 1. Type of off roading you like

    • Mudding
    • Crawling
    • Trail Driving
    • Baja
    • Other (post it) No monster truck answers
  2. 2. What day is best for an event for you

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Well I guess noone wants to take it over so we are going to have sign ups for the event which is gonna be next saturday 7pm Eastern/ 4pm Pacific Itll probably be on the Sim-Monsters server if no one has any objections

We are going to have a Muddin competition on DeGa's Mud Trial you can find it on the ror repo.

Sign ups


What truck and where you can get it:

Your name:

You use a truck even if someone else is using it.

This is going to be mostly a mud drag competition.

Currently Signed Up:

firebolt5191===Dodge Ram Ext Bogger

bigkeith11===S-10 Offroad

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i might be beattin a dead horse here but i just joined, but demo derby with the burnsides?? sounds like a blast to me.

that would be awesome, but there are two things standing in the way

1) good god, lag

2) no collision online, which sucks.

if i may reccomend Flatout 2 on steam for demo derbies, that was a great ball of fun

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>.< forgot about collisions but as soon as i figure out how to make cars i was wanting to edit the burnsides and make a couple derby versions of the burnside

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