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V4 ReplicaHooligan

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File Name: Hooligan

File Submitter: fernBurn

File Submitted: 04 Jun 2015

File Category: V4 Replica

Hey guys. Well, this was a super time consuming project. I set out to make the best truck i could ever do and have ever done. A lot of love went into this beast for all of you.....Enjoy this one guys ;)


Me- Paint

Me- Body Mounts

RockCrwlr - Axles, Tie rods, Hydros, Four Links, Sway Bars/SB Links, batteries, Trans, & Tires.

Edy- Shocks

Sheets - Body

Kozak - Chassis

Gary Schott Jr. - Tons of reference pics

RKM - gauges

Crazyman444 - TransCooler

Ghostx - Switchboard

Rear Steer Motor - Daniel Donnelly

Engine - Sealed Gecko

and anyone else that i forgot :)

Message me if you would like to get credit for something of yours, gracias.

RE-SIZED TEXTURE! I made the texture smaller so hopefully it wouldnt lag so much. So feel free to re-download for less lag, sorry about the huge texture

Click here to download this file

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