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  1. not bad for some V4 converts i'll give you that lol xd no clue if these would be released cuz it's just again a V4 convert & nothing else. but that's just me thou.
  2. plz fix those front sway bar nodes lol but looks great thou. can't wait.
  3. lovin' the projects y'all. keep er going.
  4. it literally says in the "About This File" section of the download page that Edy made the stadium model....................
  5. DISCORD NAME: GarrettHanson✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#6568 TRUCK: Doom's Day (Pablo) WF 16 TRUCK: El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza Salinas 2015) TRUCK: Zombie Hunter (2015) PRIZE ELIGIBLE: No (i have plenty of money in my wallet lol)
  6. ur sound don't work cuz the zip most likely doesn't have them in there. i'd suggest looking in ur zips and find the sounds that the truck needs.
  7. but bigfoot 8 isn't a pei thou 😕 it's a in-house (built in the shop) IIRC
  8. like.... you go into the zip file and you delete the animation pics for the board thingys and load the track like normal and no lag.
  9. yeah I was getting that too but if u delete the animation pics for the board thingys u'll get no lag.
    personally this track is really good for your first one. the follow complaints are the same ones that are mentioned before but I've tried the racing track a couple of times and it doesn't seem like a "box shape". but other then that it's really fun to drive on.
  10. ok so the first thing: it's not most likely for version .4 it's most likely for .3 the 2nd thing: the download link is broken. I'd probably ask someone if they have it and if they can covert it over.
  11. probs in a update idrk for sure.
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