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Mankato Speedway - Criss Crossover-Rama

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About This File

*****Important Disclaimer*****

Due to some users having experienced lag, the Low Lag version has had the fencing deleted off the track, as this has been the most common reason for lag experienced by these users. That is all I’m going to do in an attempt to make this track as low lag as possible, while still keeping MOST of its integrity.

If you do experience any lag, I tried my best. In the case of such an event, it will most likely be the amount of vertices used in the making of the ramps spread out over the track, or your system/machines inability to properly run the track.

The sky sphere, horizon, light poles and beams of light, stands, and billboards do not cause lag, so refrain from asking such questions. You have your answer here and now.

Please keep in mind that no amount of de-lagging is a sure thing. It’s called LOW LAG, not NO LAG for a reason.


Mirror 1 is the FULL VERSION.

Mirror 2 is the LOW LAG VERSION.


Mankato Speedway – Criss Crossover-Rama is yet another track brought to you by the minds at Demolition Tracks Creations, offering a new evolution to one of the better known and more popularly ran track configurations, the Crossover Course.

This however, is no ordinary crossover course. Brought to you from the mind of Jr Seasock, and the course built by David Stewart, Mankato Speedway Criss-Crossover-Rama will provide all comers with a challenging and thrilling venture. Racers will have to negotiate the twisty layout which features three jumps and crossovers per lap, totaling to six crossovers for the entire course.

When the sun goes down, the Mankato Speedway lights will go up. If this new Criss-Crossover layout wasn't challenging enough, racers will have to brave the course in the dark with only the Mankato lights guiding there way.

Welcome to Mankato Speedway’s Criss-Crossover-Rama!


Please refer to this included video for reference on how to run the layout:

To find the track in-game, type MANKATO in the search field of the terrain loader to find these tracks. They will be listed as follows.

Normal File Version:


*Racing-Day* Mankato Criss Crossover-Rama

*FS-Day* Mankato Criss Crossover-Rama


*Racing-Night* Mankato Criss Crossover-Rama

*FS-Night* Mankato Criss Crossover-Rama

Low Lag File Version:


*Racing-Day* Mankato CCR LOW LAG

*FS-Day* Mankato CCR LOW LAG


*Racing-Night* Mankato CCR LOW LAG

*FS-Night* Mankato CCR LOW LAG


Track Layout: Jr Seasock.

Track construction: Me.

Sky Sphere day texture: Google.

Sky sphere night texture: Google, edited by me.

Horizon: From the F1 Track.

Concrete/Cement/Grass track textures: Me.

Concrete/Cement stands textures: Google edited by Me.

Pressbox texture: Casey Graves.

Stands: Constructed by Me.

Crowd textures: Rock Crwler edited by me.

Mankato Speedway Logo: Me.

Light poles (model and texture): Constructed by Me. Light Beam textures by Rock Crwler.

Billboards: Constructed by Me.

Fencing: Constructed by Me. Textures from the RoR Repository.

ORL Start Line/Finish Line/Staging Signs/Finish Signs: Me. ORL Logo by Mark Colineri.

Cars/vans/Busses (models and textures):Casey Graves and Liquid Fire, Mark Colineri, Rock Crwler.

Box truck (model and texture): ARF edited by Me.

Box van/bread van (model and texture): ARF, Mark Colineri (edited by me)

Garbage Truck (model and texture): Rock Crwler.

Signs: Me.

NGK Spark Plugs Logo: Liquid Fire.

IDS Banner: Alex Vester edited by me.

DTC Banner: Jason Lloyd edited by me.

SSRS Banner: Johan Seminario.

Special thanks:

Mark Colineri, for offering me yet another chance to build and provide a unique and different track for use in his league. I’m also very grateful that he allowed me to do this using Mankato Speedway, a track that has quickly become one of my personal favorite and special pieces.

Jr Seasock: The man responsible for this crazy-fun layout, resulting in yet another crazy-fun, unique track. Thank you so much for your ideas, words, and advice!

Beta team:

Mark Colineri

Jr Seasock

Robbie Milburn

Damian Bowers

Tharindu Don

Tom P.

If I missed your name in the beta team credits, I’m very sorry. Contact me and I’ll make sure your name is added to the list!

To everyone involved with the making/production of this track. Thank you!


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