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Mankato Speedway - Renegades/TNT

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Mankato Speedway – Renegades/TNT

Once again we visit the glory days of the Renegades/TNT Monster Truck circuit at the historic Mankato Speedway. This event features two different venues: The famous Figure 8, and a U-Turn course. Racing takes place both during the day and the night.

Get ready, cause it's gonna be a war at Mankato Speedway - Renegades/TNT!


Mirror 1 is the FULL VERSION.

Mirror 2 is the LOW LAG VERSION.

The tracks have been titled as follows.

Full detail versions:

DAY-Mankato-Renegades/TNT Figure 8.

DAY-Mankato-Renegades/TNT U-Turn.

NIGHT-Mankato-Renegades/TNT Figure 8.

NIGHT-Mankato-Renegades/TNT U-Turn.

LOW LAG versions:

DAY-Mankato-TNT Figure 8 LOW LAG.

DAY-Mankato-TNT U-Turn LOW LAG.

NIGHT-Mankato-TNT Figure 8 LOW LAG.


To easily find these tracks in the Terrain Loader, simply type in either DAY or NIGHT in the search bar.

All the on track props (hay bales, Christmas tree, Renegades tin, Redman pouch etc.) have been set with no-collide properties.

The track’s concrete banking mesh is grippy, and set with concrete friction properties. The grass is a separate mesh, is slippery, and set with sand friction properties.

On the LOW LAG version of the track, the fencing and trees have been removed in order to reduce lag.

For fun, the Truck Shop is in place for you to swap between your favorite trucks anytime you like.


Original venue concept/creation: Me.

Sky spheres: Me. Textures are from Google and edited by Me.

Fencing: Built by Me. Textures from Google and edited by Me.

Stands: Michael Murray edited by Me.

Press box: Built by Me. Textures by Casey Graves.

Lightpoles: Built by Me. Textures from Google and edited by Me. Light Beam textures by Rock Crwler and edited by Me.

Cars: Mark Colineri and Slickster edited by Me.

Dirt textures: Me.

Grass textures: Me.

Concrete/cement textures: Google edited by Me.

TNT Motorsports Logo: Supplied by Michael DesRoches and edited by Me.

Renegades/Renegades The Taste a Pouch Can’t Tame/Redman/Redman/TNT All American Pulling Series/ESPN/Restore logos, banners, and signs: Me.

McDonalds’/Trail Master/Bobcat/Carquest/Chevrolet/The Heartbeat of America/Coca Cola/logos: Google edited by Me.

Mankato Speedway/Mankato Motorsports Racing Authority Logo: Me.

Christmas Tree: Me. Light bulb textures are from Google and edited by me.

Trees: RoR Repository.

Beta testers/track input:

Damian Bowers

Andrew Wamsley

Mark Iron

Dan Agosh

Chadwick Deerfoot

John Brown

and anyone else who had a hand in making this track possible. Thank you!

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For some reason on my computer, when I go play this either zip, it just crashes my game.  Is there something I need to do with this track to get it to work?

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