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Trenton Monster Jam 2014 2.0

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Finally got around to optimizing this. First ever 2014 Replica on Sim-monsters back in Jan. But not without lag issues. Fixed now for SMRA tomorrow night.


Stadium, Texturing, Modeling: Meh

Cars and Car Textures: Mark

Other Textures: Various Members and Google

What's New in Version 2.0


  • Optimized Obstacles and Non Collidable Arena Model

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There were a few people who were able to use it. But they had the open folder. I did forget one mesh on the zip. New version going up soon. No need to be so ignorant mason




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I don't exactly see how saying that the track is an incomplete .zip file, when it is an incomplete .zip file is more ignorant than saying it's fine, when it isn't. But whatever.

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It worked for me when I downloaded it pretty much right when it came available.. But anyways, I love your smaller arena and stadium tracks. Awesome job!

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