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My try to the Spiderman 2014 :)


Chassis,Gauges,Battery,RII lights,Radiator,Exhaust: Outlawed

Tires: RockCrwlr

Seat: Crazyman444

Body: Idk, it came from Connor's truck

Rims: V4.5 Makers(?)

Rims paint: Connor Richardson(?)

Other things: V4.5/V4 Makers

*If I forgot somebody PM me and I'll add you*

Hope you enjoy and tell me if something isn't working for you :)

P.S This trucks will work not really good on the new 4th Of July track... Idk Y...


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Body's not smoothed out. Pretty good otherwise.

It's smoothed out but for some reason it didn't work that much... :s And thanks! :)

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No, it's not smooth... at all... look at the same body on my truck... mine is much more smooth.

Again yes it is, but because I need to take the body out of the Mesh in blender it isn't smoothing that good as when you smooth a body from a Blend file(I think). 

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