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V4 Replica

Post your replica trucks here.

342 files

  1. Tom's ride from 2018! comes with a breakable version.
    Me: Truck construction, N/B edits, cloning, other crap
    @Outlawed: Chassis
    541 Merlin, Fans & Fuel Cell: @fernBurn& @Andrew
    Body: Klayton
    Tires: @John Dough
    SM: other things I used
    1,914 4
  2. Jon Zimmer's ride from 2018! includes Ice & breakable versions.
    Me: Truck Construction, N/B Edits, Cloning, Other Crap
    Body: I have no clue
    Ice Paint: DiggerFan13
    Chassis: Outlawed
    Merlin, Fans, Fuel Cell: Fernburn & Sheets
    Tires: John Dough
    other things: SM ppl
    Questions/Concerns? PM me
    Feel free to light stuff on fire or freeze with G (doesn't work for the breakables thou)
    2,139 18
  3. The truck Dennis hopped into after he blew the motor in racing. Surprised nobody attempted this digger yet. had fun making it. comes with a breakable.
    Me: N/B Edits, Cloning, Blender Work, Some Paint Mods, Other Crap
    @fernBurn & @Andrew: 541 Merlin, Fans, Fuel Cell
    @Outlawed: Chassis
    Tires: it think John Dough
    Body: Harlow
    Grim Reaper Roof Art: @Swegliner849
    other things used: SM people
    is standalone
    works for all versions
    NOTE: Breakable's a bit wonky in terms of "breaking it" but it works
    may give it a update in the future IDK yet.
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  4. Semi-replica of Bauhaus (truck ran on Sweden Monster Jam shows from 2014 to 2016)
    My first truck so it's not accurate and contains some errors.
    fernBurn - truck file prop placement & Shocks
    Mohawk Markus - Paint
    Wambo - Engine
    Klayton - Rims, Batteries, Body
    Kozak - Chassis
    Ryan - Gauges
    *Standalone truck: extract to your "Vehicles" folder and ENJOY!
    512 7
  5. Another replica I decided to take a shot at. Chuckie's Mutt from WF15. nuff said.
    Me: Blender work, N/B edits, cloning, other stuff
    Body: Harlow
    @Outlawed: Chassis
    @rockgod88: OG N/B, MSD Box, UKTires, other stuff?
    @Andrew & @fernBurn: 541 Merlin (Rads & Fuel Cell)
    other stuff used: SM Community
    forgot u? PM me
    914 1
  6. Well, after some time doing this, here is Titan from World Finals 15 on BJ's Mohawk Warrior Chassis!!
    Me: Blender work, research, N/B work, cloning, other crap
    @Outlawed: Chassis
    @rockgod88 UK Tires, OG N/B setup, MSD Box, Other Stuff
    Johan:  OG Paint
    Andrew & @fernBurn: 541 Merlin, Radiator, Fuel Cell
    Body: IDK
    Other Stuff: SM PPL
    forgot you? PM me
    644 0
  7. My first first Replica:
    Paint: Chazzy
    Rims: Chuckie/Blaise
    Rest SM Community for other helpful items
    1,239 4
  8. the cringe boi i am has made a breakable pack. with a inspiration of blaise's v4 breakables, i made 20 breakables. i put work into this (kinda true). this pack contains breakable swaybars, and axles (axles can fall off if yanked hard enough). 
    almost everything: v4 staff
    breakable settings: ash, v3 settings(for breakable swaybars and etc.) and a dash of outlaw(swaybar beam)
    modifying models(adding shine and spec maps to some bodys): me
    also: bad habit doesn't have a breakable body. if bad habit doesn't work, download this  https://www.mediafire.com/file/b752ad1aujnb6nw/BadHabit2013.zip 
    pack is not standalone, its required to put it in the v4 pack. 
    have a nice day
    2,111 33
  9. decided to start making trucks again. this truck is one of my favorites. If the truck is having issues or missing textures, put it in the peipack
    Blaise: original truck
    Stimson122: paint
     monsterjam16': body
    me: putting truck together
    SM Community: everything else
    572 11
  10. Held this for awhile and its time to give it out.
    Blender/truck building - Me, Zmann5499.
    Paint - Jackson B/Mike Boland.
    Everything else - SM Community
    1,605 13
  11. idk?
    original truck maker: zman5499
    gr8 truk
    1,208 18
  12. Hey guys its been awhile since I have released something. Had this sitting around made this back in February.  Thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy! 
    Side note- I do not know if this works with .4 feel free to convert it!
    Credits -
    Building Truck -my self
    Tires- Fern
    Paint- Me/Chris Hamilton.
    Other stuff SM Community. 
    Body-Andrew Sheets.
    If I have forgotten you please let me know!
    845 6
  13. It's just a repaint of a Monster Mutt
    Paint: Me
    everything else: SM V4 makers
    Message me if the file doesn't work, because it works fine for me
    356 7
  14. Ive had these on my computer for a while and figured its time to finally let it go since uploads are coming a little slow right now. Hope you like it.
    Truck: @dd07205
    Node: @rockgod88
    Rims: @fernBurn & @rockgod88 ?
    Repaint on body and rims: ME ( @P3ForLife )
    1.copy this: 
    28,25,9, 0.50, 0.50, 0.85, 0, -90, 0, IWChassis.mesh
    28,25,9, 0.60, 0.50, 1.28, 0, -90, 0, 
    2.go into the .truck file and paste. (Heres a video for Clarification VV)
    Any Complaints or anything,  PM and I'll Try to help you out and update the pack to include what's needed.
    877 13
  15. Here's Ryan's SUD from 2016 that blaise made. NOW BREAKABLE!!!!!!!!
    Me: Flexbodys, etc
    Rockgod: OG Truck, Setup
    Stuff IDK: SM PPL
    Works for all versions
    it's also standalone.
    2,660 5
  16. The Punisher is a simple, yet great-looking truck. This file is standalone uses XunlexRods' Muffler sounds. Enjoy!
    FernBurn (Mad Scientist base, Metal Mulisha rims, and new BKT tires) Stephen Hopkins (specular map method) Myself (retexturing body, rims, and headers)
    1,151 11
  17. A truck that was made a while back by rorseries and me, not really private anymore so i figured i should just release it
    Paint- Zona
    Body - Andrew Sheets
    Tires - John Dough
    Prop placement - Me/rorseries
    LEDs - rorseries
    modifications/ setup adjustments - me 
    Chassis - Kozak
    1,534 13
    One of my new favorite indy trucks that me and my friends had a good time working on! 
    @GDFAN14: Truck Making
    @Chazzymp: Paints
    @nks1996 and @Chris B: Testers
    You'll need @rockgod88 PEI Pack if you're missing textures. If the truck doesnt work for 0.4 then you're out of luck. Hopefully someone can convert and re-upload it for 0.4, because I wont( please stop asking me, thank you)
    793 14
  19. Here's Damon's Ride from 2015 now breakable!!! (IDK why the truck sits so low, but besides that it's a blast to drive!)

    Original Truck: John D
    Breakable Settings: Rockgod
    Flexbodies, etc: Me
    Other Things I can't think of: SM people
    is Standalone
    "Does it work for 0.4?"
    find out yourself
    1,901 4
  20. Stinger 3.0 is a Ford Raptor Trophy Truck monster truck built by Zane Rettew in late 2015. The truck is ran alongside team mate truck Master Of Disaster.
    Blender/truck building - Chuckie Pauken, Zmann5499.
    Paint - Me/Mike Boland.
    Everything else - SM Community.
    Try to do some fast donuts in this truck, and enjoy
    1,326 5
  21. Breakable Goldberg/Team Meents pack

    Original Truck/Settings: @deadgod88
    Cloning: @ABgamerX
    Flexbodies, etc: Me
    Stuff I can't think of: SM Community
    Questions? PM ME
    1,916 9
  22. 2016 Breakable Titan!!!!! Comes wth WF 16 & 17 Versions

    Original Truck/Settings: @deadgod88
    Cloning: @ABgamerX
    Flexbodies, etc: Me
    Teaching me how to make Flexbodies: @ChaoticMayhem
    Stuff I can't think of: SM Community
    Questions? PM ME
    yeah no front swaybars deal with it............ Nevermind there hiding.
    1,825 9
  23. Grave Digger 28 Is a Chevy panel van monster truck built in late 2014. It is ran by Pablo Huffaker, This is Fern's GD28 from 2015, but I added updates to it since then.
    Truck making: FernBern
    Rims: RORseries
    Paint: Me/ChazzyMP
    Shock Setup: Me
    *This does not have Collector headers due to my inexperience with blender*
    Anyways, enjoy Pablo's ride
    1,341 7
  24. One of my beginning paints I made back when the truck was announced in Santa Clara. As I got better at painting, so did the body. I'm pretty happy on how this turned out and had fun making this. Hope you all enjoy this truck!
    Paint: Me
    Truck Making: @GDFAN14
    Emotional support: @LilXanGod (thxs Broseph)
    1,845 10
  25. Hey guys  @Chazzymp and my self really hope you enjoy this one. 
    Paint- @Chazzymp.
    Blender Work -Myself.
    Body @Andrew
    Mini @Chris B
    Other stuff SM community. 
    If i forgot any credits please let me know down below.
    Grey version coming soon!
    1,194 1

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