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Well, here it is. I always did like the look of the Mr. Twister trucks, and thought it was time that a version was brought into Rigs Of Rods. I kept the traditional scheme, but put it on a slightly newer model Ford than what the actual truck ran, and modernized it all the way around. I really liked the straight up, bogger style headers that Mr. Twister III ran, so I tried to go for the same look with this truck. Everything body wise is hand painted, minus the USHRA and the RoR:MTP logos. I recreated the Mr. Twister logo completely, and I think it came out great. The whole truck just came together very nicely.


Chassis/Paint/Headers/Shocks - Me

Body - Andrew Sheets

Rims - Johan

Shock Mounting Tabs/Shafts/Battery/Tires - Klayton

ISP Seat - Crazy

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