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About This File

For those that have followed me or my work since I joined this site, you might just remember the original versions of these trucks. While I did like the initial end product with said original versions, I knew they could be 10 times better; so with the help of The Nitro Psycho, the Team Harley-Davidson trucks have been given new life. The trucks are brand new from top to bottom, as we made sure to use the best parts and pieces for these bad boys; and I think they turned out great.

Please note that both of these trucks are open customs, meaning anyone can use them in any league that allows custom trucks without having to ask for my permission.

I hope y'all like them, and the credits are as follows:

Paint for both trucks was done by your's truly.

Construction of the trucks was done by The Nitro Psycho.

All other parts and pieces were made by the content pack creators.

Sorry for being so vague on the credits, but I honestly don't remember who exactly made what; and for that, I apologize.

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