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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Welp, here it is. The latest version of my long time personal custom, based off of the 2 time national champion super mod 2wd pulling truck. Please note this IS NOT an open custom, I reserve the right to use this truck in all SM sanctioned events; if you wanna use it, you must message me for permission. Huge thank you to @Rocco for putting this together for me.
  2. I don't know who let the dawgs out, but they dun messed up and let the baddest one in the kennel loose again...
  3. Name: Chadwick Deerfoot Number 1: Bounty Hunter Number 2: Monster Energy Todd Number 3: Son Uva Digger Number 4: Black Pearl
  4. Name: Chadwick Deerfoot Truck: Bad Dawg Discord: CMDeerfoot#5139 Download Link: TBP Truck Song: Year Debuted: November 21, 2012 Body Type: 1990 Ford F-150 Hometown: Dallas, Georgia
  5. Chadwick Deerfoot Dallas, Georgia CMDeerfoot#5139
  6. Smol update post, finished versions of Lawson Station and NOS Energy along with the third truck from the CMD Customs paint shop called No Limit; said third truck has some paint edits and was put together by @Edy.
  7. First 2 NAMT open customs from myself and @iZonarYT, both will be included in the second NAMT truck pack; neither is 100% done but close enough to test out and fine tune.
  8. Chadwick Deerfoot Heatwave CMDeerfoot#5139
  9. Name: Chadwick Deerfoot Discord: CMDeerfoot#5139 Truck: Pure Breed Download Link: Freestyle Song (YouTube Link): Year Debuted: 2012
  10. Name: Chadwick Deerfoot Truck (Chassis): Hall Bros Discord: CMDeerfoot#5139
  11. Chadwick Deerfoot Robo Dragon CMDeerfoot#5139
  12. It has been many a sunrise and sunset since the end of the 2nd season of the Monster Truck Challenge, and I know many were looking forward to the beginning of season 3. We were on our way to being the first league to run leafers on the site but it became apparent that a lot more work was needed to get them right. So we postponed S3 to the same time next year with the idea that we'd have everything setup and ready to go, but as it turned out none of that ever happened. The formation of SMRA and subsequent appointment to 1 time owner and later event director ended up being my main focus for awhi
  13. Full Name: Chadwick Deerfoot Truck: Swamp Thing Hometown: Dallas, GA Discord Name: CMDeerfoot#5139 Years in Competition: 7
    It's good, just not as good as Deja Vu 2020 😃.
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