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Monster Energy Pro 4 2015 Updated

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About This File

I am re-uploading this truck due to the major changes it underwent in mesh updating, physics updating and truck file updating.

As you can see by the picture at the bottom, you can select variations of the truck (Regular, Bodyless, Travel Tires and Bodyless Travel Tires) by a drop down menu when selecting the overall truck, 2015 Monster Energy Pro 4, ingame. I take no credit for this awesome feature, I just took the idea from Danny Mackey and whatever sources he used to find that.

This is my personal truck, so you can't use this for use in leagues, funruns or other events. In the rare chance that I let you drive it, you could try messaging me on AIM.


Paint: Devin Doss

Body: Codemasters

Tires, Axles, Knuckles: Klayton Haylog

Sway Bars, Tie Rods, 4 Links, Drive Shafts, Rims, Shocks and other various parts; Johan Seminario

Go Pro and Engine: Wambo and Matt

Various incab props: Daniel Donnelly, Johan Seminario, RKM and Crazy

Driver: Wambo and whoever he got it from

Chassis and header; Kozak

Other Various Parts: V4 Pack Contributors

Truck File drop down menu thing: Danny Mackey

Placing everything together and a few props: Me

Enjoy the truck!

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