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San Marco Arena – Author’s Notes

By: Hot Shoe

Thank you for downloading San Marco Arena 2nd Stop for RoR Sim-Monsters! I won’t keep you long as I’m sure you’d like to get out on the track. First, if I may, a little history and information:

Extract the main zipped file to access the course layout picture and Author's Notes text file for important information. The file also contains the actual zipped file for this track.

San Marco Stop 1 (or SanMarco Arena 2005) was a popular creation of mine in Monster Truck Madness 2. I even enjoyed the pleasure of racing on my own track in a league. I lost that race, sadly. However, San Marco was a hit. Thus as I did with many of my tracks, I decided to construct another creation. A “2nd Stop” in 2005. This was a trademark of mine for many of my tracks: to revisit a venue with each new version having a different twist to the layout, or setting.

San Marco Arena 2 is an all original track that has been in re-development since its forgotten Monster Truck Madness 2 counterpart. I’m very proud to finally release this track! This track was originally created and mostly finished in Monster Truck Madness 2 before I left the game, and dropped the project.

In bringing it to RoR Sim-Monsters, the track has undergone numerous changes in order to bring it up to date, as the original MTM2 version is now 6 years old.

The first San Marco (a track I’m planning to re-create for RoR Sim-monsters), was a St Louis style, twin oval layout. This version has what I’ve come to call a Saran Wrap, or Wrap Around Chicago style course.

Please refer to the course layout (saracinglayout) picture.

At the start line (the Saran Wrap section), you accelerate forward to the first right hand turn through the “Alleyway”, and into a short straight section before making your 2nd long, wide right handed turn. Upon entering the Chicago Style layout, you’ll straighten back out, and fly across the first set of cars, into a tight left hand turn. Accelerate along the straight, and fly over the second set of cars, into another tight left hand turn. Again, accelerate along the straight, and across the final set of cars to the finish.

A few additional notes: All the signs and poles on the track have been set with no-collide properties. The signs are for decoration. The poles are not necessarily meant for penalties. They are in place as a guide of where the racing course and direction is.

For fun, the Truck Shop is in place for you to swap between your favorite trucks anytime you like.

Credits (models and textures):

Hot Shoe: Dirt textures, ramps, crowd texture, signs, wall banners, step van, cement floor, exterior arena textures, caution tape, turn, start and finish poles, Connex trailer, arena model.

Casey Graves and LiquidFire: Cars

Casey Graves: Exterior and Interior dome texture, Wall tarp texture: (Wall tarp texture re-colored by me)

Mark Colineri and RockCrwler: RV

LiquidFire: Vans, bus

Thanks: Special thanks go out to my beta testers:


John Cavallini

Justin Olander

Tom P.


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These tracks looks AMAZING Hot Shoe! Thank you so much, looks like it was well worth the wait. I can't wait to get out on them!!

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Track looks great, but I can't get it to show up in the list of tracks. I've tried clearing and regenerating the cache a few times and still nothing, but it finds it while it's doing so every time. Any ideas?

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Did you remember to extract the FIRST zip file? This track is a zip file within a zip file. As stated: "Extract the main zipped file to access the course layout picture and Author's Notes text file for important information. The file also contains the actual zipped file for this track." Give this a try (if you haven't already) and see if the track shows up for you.

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