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Here is my Pensacola 2008!



Sim-Monsters Crew

Note: sorry i have been slacking.... I started school as everyone else, my birthday was also on September 22 but ill try to bring a track every week!



Here is also a video if you care:


Oh! and also im starting save of the week again so send submissions on my aim..Mjamfan22@gmail.com

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The round bump (next to the big racing hill) is sticky, trucks can get stuck on it or it can stop the truck and launch up the front end like hitting a wall (fun to do actually :-D ) but aside from that its an AWESOME track! Good job! Also this is not a critisesm, so please don't take it as such, but I noticed that its listed as a 2008 track and is in the 2012 color scheme and has jammers. LOL! :-D Love the track though!

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