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Thought there wasn't going to be a Fall Madness this year? WRONG. Here in this zip file is Fall Madness II, a track design like no other. Racing will hold a test to those capable of maneuvering through all forms of racing; tight U-Turns, long squared sections, and chicanes, together with table tops, car stacks, and a huge cross-over, will create the ultimate challenge for even the best of drivers. Freestyle will be a free-for-all on a course large enough for two Sam Boyd Stadiums. With giant step up doubles, plateaus, and bus jumps to even the simplest of pyramid stacks, wheelie cars, and sea container jumps; cross-threads, big air, and insane combos alike will become a common spectacle on this track.

And what would a well made track be without proper credits to those who made it:

Track Design:

Danny Mackey


Danny Mackey (Track, Vehicles, Turn Poles, Banners)

Mark Colineri (Stadium)

Textures Made for Track:

Danny Mackey: (Floor Dirt Textures, Crowd Textures)


Danny Mackey: (Various Sponsor Banners, Turn Poles)

Mark Colineri: (Bread Truck, Roof, Fall Madness II Logo, ORL Logo)

Klayton Halog: (Club Box, Dirt Textures)

Hot Shoe: (Banners)

Travis Sewilo: (MLSM Logo)

Sim-Monsters (Wall Banners, Crowd, LED Ad, Protective Plastic, Concrete)

MTM2 (Vehicles)

Rigs of Rods Repository (Sea Container)

I think this pretty much sums everything up, want to thank everyone who helped out to make this a great track for a great event. Also thanks to everyone who choose this track to be home of Fall Madness II. It feels great to have someone use one of my tracks in an event, and Fall Madness of all of them. Enjoy and have fun everyone.

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