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  1. Last season I only had a NAMT logo on the scoreboard with little to no banners on each track, and I feel that adding some banners would improve the scenery a bit. However, I thought it would be more enjoyable for everyone to have the chance to contribute to the tracks we will be racing on. As such, I am looking for some fictional brands/logos/sponsors to use as banners on this season's tracks for NAMT. I would be looking for these brands and logos to match those commonly seen on Monster Jam tracks and across motorsports in general. From tires to oil products to truck parts, if you can think of a cool fictional brand, send it over and we may use it for the tracks. A good example is Zach Steele's Ghost Racing Products. The logo was made for his props but also doubled as a banner for some IMTRS tracks. For those interested, please be sure to follow these guidelines: Does not strictly have to be a motorsports related brand, any fictional brand idea that could in someway "sponsor" a monster truck show would be acceptable, e.g. fast food chains, gas stations, ect. We may use your design(s) for wall banners, containers, scoreboards, or blimps. Please consider texture size when submitting designs as this will affect where they can be used. Minimum texture size: 500px by 250px Do not add any background texturing to the image (e.g. banner textures, LED board textures, etc). We will add these as needed and would like a base texture to work from. Ideas for these designs should remain within the rules for Sim-Monsters. Any questions, comments, concerns, and submissions may be posted in this thread. Submitting a design/logo/sponsor does not guarantee that it will be used on a track. The deadline for submissions will be June 30th, 2020 at midnight est. Disclaimer: Ideas submitted are not for any real sponsorships/brand deals. No money will be exchanged between any party involved for these designs. Everything is still free as always.
  2. Two years after the inaugural season of North American Monster Trucks, NAMT IS BACK! This season, we will see drivers tackling tracks all across North America in a 10 stop tour. However the action won’t stop after Week 10. Returning for the first time in 5 years, NAMT will be hosting a 4 stop Playoff Series. The top competitors of the tour will compete for the NAMT Points Championships, while everyone else battles it out, trying to upset the competition and disrupt the points chase! Here’s the breakdown of the season as currently planned: 10 Regular Season events 4 event Playoff Series Regular Season events will consist of 16 trucks, all competing in racing and freestyle Play-Off Series consisting of 12 locked-in drivers competing for points and 12 qualifying drivers trying to upset the field Events are qualify-in only (fastest of two laps) Tracks will be of a custom design in real life stadiums Trucks will be customs only (more details to follow) More announcements will be made in the coming weeks, as the season will kick off in July! Credit to @acdcfan56 for the great new logos. Check out the Discord here: http://discord.gg/yMHEzTA
  3. Could you link the pages for the downloads you couldn't access?
  4. Hey sorry about the misunderstanding, I was never aware of the origins of the track Mark made with this track layout. The only changes, as you said, is the loop on the table top that I added. The credits have been updated.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Well after 2 weeks of incredible action the last track for the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge is finally here. Featuring a racing course originally designed by Alex Parrish (@Xander DP) and adjusted for the massive floor at 4Corners Coliseum, this weeks track should provide the most challenges for its competitors. I would like to thank @AaronLurie for painting the tracks and putting together these preview videos and @Edy for making the animated water and the speedboat for this track. Track X: You run one complete lap by finishing in the lane you start.
  6. We do not allow the advertisement of Discords that are not already approved by the moderation team. If you would like a section on the forum to host your league please contact an Admin.
  7. So the track crew took out too much dirt after the first week of the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge! Luckily they made the best of the situation and made the course work anyway.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This stadium was originally constructed in 2013 to host the final event of the inaugural SSRS Play-Off Series and nearly 7 years later, it has been reconstructed to host the Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge. After @AaronLurie put together a phenomenal track last week, I have put together this track for the second event in the All Star Challenge. Credit: @DannyMackey - Stadium Model, Track Model, testmobile vehicles @AaronLurie - Track Paint, All Star Challenge Logo @Double.D ッ - Stadium Logo, Team Logos @Edy - Cement Truck, Lava Animation, Volcano Model and Texture @Chris B - School Bus Model and Texture @maxdman - Telephone Pole Texture @RockCrwlr - Stadium Textures textures.com - Stadium Textures cgbookcase.com - Stone Brick Texture turbosquid - Picnic Table, Airplane
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Just about 5 years after I released my previous personal truck, Haulin' Heat, I have a new ride for Sim-Monsters competition. This is Speed Energy. Featuring a Jeep Trophy Truck body inspired by Casey Currie's Jeep Pro Lite Truck, this truck sports a paint I originally painted almost 5 years ago for rFactor. I then followed up with the design about 3 years later. The truck made its way in-game, but never got close to completion, but now it's done. With the base truck coming from @Double.D ッ's newest Deja Vu, I finally completed a truck that has been 5 years in the making. I will be using this truck going forward for the few events I ever run in anymore. Hope you guys enjoy! *THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM* Credits (with Scrapyard links where available): Truck Assembly: @Wambo and myself Body: @fernBurn (modified heavily by @Wambo and myself) Chassis: @Outlawed (Meents cradle and El Toro Werner top) Engine: @fernBurn and @Andrew Tires: @rockgod88 Rims: @Mark Colineri Headers: @Wambo Shocks: @acdcfan56 and @RockCrwlr Axles: @SealedGecko Sounds: @Wambo Various Chassis Props: @rockgod88, @fernBurn, @Helen Weales, @RockCrwlr, @Steele If I missed anyone let me know!
  10. So way back in 2015 I painted a truck for rFactor: Then I turned it into a truck in 2018: To which I never finished and procrastinated for another 2 years... Until: @Wambo did an excellent job on the headers. @fernBurn made the window netting and original body that really only remains in the hood, as I remodeled the back half and edited the hood. @Double.D ッ gave me most of these beautiful photos of the truck as well. So after nearly 5 years of sitting on this design, I'll finally have a new custom truck to use, Speed Energy, which will be making its debut in the All Star Challenge.
  11. Credit to @AaronLurie and @Double.D ッ for the logos and some models.
  12. Well, I would first suggest downloading the most recent version of the game (2020.01). https://www.rigsofrods.org/download The newest version of the game adds a path in "Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods". You would then add terrains and vehicles into the subfolder "Mods" inside the "Rigs of Rods" folder. If you have any issues, I would post the RoR.log file that is located in the "logs" folder in your "Rigs of Rods" folder. The log file is a plain text file you can open with Notepad.
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