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  1. Danny Mackey Monster Energy (Todd LeDuc) Megalodon (Adam Anderson) MrMackey#5142
  2. Danny Mackey Monster Energy (Coty Saucier) Megalodon (Tristan England) Grave Digger (Tyler Menninga) MrMackey#5142
  3. Danny Mackey Speed Energy Jeep MrMackey#5142
  4. You really need to cool it on replying to dead threads. This was a thread with an incorrectly posted request, the linked thread is the form to use. I don't understand why you keep replying to these threads.
  5. Did you download Speedster.zip and MJSpeedsterSkins.skinzip? You need both for the Monster Jam skins to load in game. Also you will only see the Sim-Monsters Speedster skin and the Max-D Speedster in your list of vehicles. In order to get to the Monster Jam skins, select the Sim-Monsters Speedster and the skin options will appear, allowing you to pick on of the Monster Jam Speedsters.
  6. This event happened last September. Please read threads before signing-up for events.
  7. NAMT trucks that have been released since last year have a different node/beam* than the other V4 trucks on the website. They also have different engine settings, weight, and suspension. These trucks were intended to be more realistic and have been used for NAMT, KOTH, and the Truck Fest. * a node/beam is basically the skeltal structure of the truck. You can see it by pressing K while in Rigs of Rods.
  8. Update: Added Single Season Event Wins Sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iyyzl2JVWPu0ObTnrFbkvHPxjt8B748D9lfVIsmVcIw/edit#gid=933390610) Take a look at who has had the most dominating single season performances and how others stack up.
  9. Hey I just want to give you guys a huge shoutout for tonight. This was my first FBS event and it was a blast, I really had a fun time trying to plan out my two runs. GG to Brad, I went hard in the second run but just couldn't fill time. I got to see what FBS was all about in preparing for this event, and I really look forward to whatever you guys have planned next. It's great to see the live stream worked out well too. This is a really cool format for a league and I think there's a great chance to do even more cool match ups and events. I suggest everyone try to compete whenever more
  10. Update: Added the following leagues: ROR Motor Madness (2014) Ultimate Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Rigs of Rods: Motor Madness Season 1 North American Monster Trucks Season 2 Freestyle Battle Series (On going) Rigs of Rods Monster Jam Live Season 4 All Elite Monster Trucks Season 1 Stadium Series All Elite Monster Trucks Season 1 Arena Series King Of The Hill International Incident (In progress) Made a few changes to how ranks are given from points standings You c
  11. Driver: Danny Mackey Series: Malicious Monster Truck Tour Years in competition: 10 years Discord: DannyMackey#5142 Biggest Accomplishment: Second all time in event wins
  12. You would have to convert the terrain from the old format to the new format. https://docs.rigsofrods.org/terrain-creation/terrain-conversion-terrn2/
  13. I have noticed many members joining the server have caused the welcome message to be broken, consisting of just their Discord ID. I don't know if these members are able to access the server correctly as a result. If you have tried to join the server and it is not working, send me a PM and we can figure it out. I had one member that had this issue and it appeared to be an issue with their nickname on the site. Regardless, let me know if something isn't working.
  14. I am almost finished with my league rulebook.

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