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  1. Just last night we saw fast racing action and wild freestyle crashes as Brandon Adam was able to get back to his winning ways. After not having won racing for two weeks, Brandon's Fiberwerx Trophy Truck returned to the winner's circle in racing, defeating Andrew Sheets in the finals. The freestyle competition saw Damian Bowers in Untapped Rage holding an early lead through most of the night as the New Orleans freestyle track ended run after run early. After Tyler May tied Damian for the lead, it was Andrew Sheets who took hold of the lead. However, not satisfied with one win on the night,
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This track was made by @Edy for NAMT. He wanted me to upload it for him. I just added the checkpoints.
  3. Last time out Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL was host to a unique Chicago style track with two huge berms and two backflip walls. Racing was challenging and even saw some wild results, including Brandon Adam flipping his truck in the same race Tyler Richmond red lit, leading to Andrew Sheets getting a bye run into the finals. There Sheets faced defending winner from Detroit, Trevor Amos, who was able to take his second consecutive racing win. The freestyle competition saw wild leaps and incredible crashes, with Mark Colineri in Wicked Willys making his season debut, going first, and hol
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This track was made by @Edy for NAMT. He wanted me to upload it for him.
  5. Last week, at his hometown track, Josh Gajewski in Kontrol Freek did what was looking unlikely to happen this season, beat Brandon Adam in racing. Gajewski was able to defeat the previously undefeated Brandon Adam in what will be a contender for Race of the Year, taking the victory by the slimmest of margins. With that opening, Trevor Amos was able to move in and defeat Josh Gajewski in the finals, getting Here's a Picture of Tony Hawk to the winner's circle after falling just short in the weeks prior. While not winning racing, Gajewski was able to continue his hometown showing with a great
  6. Following a wild and unexpected night of action in Montreal, NAMT moves back into the U.S. for another week of competition. Last week the large floor and unique track design left many drivers having issues in both racing and freestyle. Brandon Adam was not one of these drivers, however, as his early season dominance continued with his third consecutive racing victory and his first freestyle victory of the season. His performance makes him the first person to Double Down this season and his racing victory leaves him 12-0 in individual races this season. This week's track is a return to norm
  7. Two weeks into this 2020 NAMT season and we've had two weeks of Brandon Adam beating Trevor Amos in the racing finals. The racing action has been close and competitive, but will we see someone else take home the racing victory this week out? Possibly this track will help shake up the competition. We've seen wide, Chicago style turns and tight Jersey style turns, but this week we have both with this Figure 8 racing track. On the flip side, freestyle has been less predictable, with Tyler Richmond taking home the victory on a small, challenging freestyle track in Chester. After visiting one
  8. Last week we saw Brandon Adam and Vincent Akard take the first racing and freestyle wins of the new season. Racing was full of photo finishes and exciting upsets, even seeing 15th seed Tyler May make it all the way to the semi finals. Meanwhile in freestyle we saw 16 competitors take to the floor of MetLife Stadium and tear the house down with some wild freestyle action. This week we will be seeing a brand new venue to not just NAMT, but Sim-Monsters as a whole. Subaru Park in Chester, PA normally plays host to the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer, but on this night monster truc
  9. This event is being postponed 1 week due to technical issues with officials and allowing more time for competitors to prepare their trucks. We are adjusting the schedule accordingly, check out the changes in News and Information.
  10. As stated in a few other places, we are postponing Event 1 to next Friday, October 16. As a result the schedule has been pushed back a week up until Events 6 and 7. These two events will take place on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21. After this weekend, the remainder of the schedule will be as originally planned. You can see the revised schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xniSD5dNDrKajVLk3bDUmX2J84y-zzfmLUJE9CHq8b0/edit#gid=0
  11. It has been a long two years since the first season of NAMT ended, but after a long wait, the second season of NAMT kicks off at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. The last time NAMT was at MetLife Stadium, Andrew Sheets and Jon Zimmer took the racing and freestyle wins respectively. This time around we'll see plenty of new faces trying to make a name for themselves and claim an early points lead in the chase for the first ever NAMT Playoff Series. NAMT is also seeing more than twice as many teams participating this season, making the team points chase more exciting than ever. Be sure
  12. Due to the issues we faced with copyright claims during the Truck Fest livestream, we will be using music from a specific website. If you want to pick the song we play for your freestyle go take a look through their catalog and send the song you want to use in the #freestyle-songs chat of the Discord (http://discord.gg/yMHEzTA). https://www.epidemicsound.com/music/featured/ I apologize to everyone looking to use their own music for this season, but this allows us to not worry about copyright claims blocking event coverage after every event.
  13. CCR Motorsports Palmetto, FL, USA Captain: Danny Mackey (DannyMackey#5142) Driver 2: Devin Doss Driver 3: Aaron Lurie Driver 4: Julio Vellon Jr.
  14. Danny Mackey Speed Energy Jeep DannyMackey#5142 TBA 2011 Jeep Trophy Truck Long Island, NY, USA
  15. After long last, NAMT will be starting next Friday, October 9th. Be sure to have a sign-up ready for tomorrow night when they open. The rule book has been updated for legal modifications to truck handling. Be sure to read it over! https://docs.google.com/document/d/12jL5BOFU_4WR9u4R8v13KPbgDUoRoPJ_0GVLC8Fr9_w/edit?usp=sharing Also be sure to check out all 41 open customs free to use for NAMT if you do not have a truck ready yourself!
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