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Leighey Field - 1980's Renegades/TNT 1.5

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About This File

Leighey Field is the first 1980’s Renegades/TNT Monster Truck Challenge style track that I’ve ever created in RoR. This is an all new, fresh track straight from my mind to RoR and has no ties with any past works I’ve created in MTM2.

This track was created with painstaking attention to detail in an attempt to get the look, function, and feel correct to that of a TNT event.

Features include animated Christmas Trees and a Brian Carson style stunt jump in the middle.

Recommendations for the stunt jump is my personal favorite set of cars, the Burnside Pack of cars.

Track created using chevys10’s 1986 Taurus Monster Truck.


Venue built by me.

Cars: Mark Colineri, Casey Graves and Liquidfire edited by me.

Crowd textures: Rock Crwler edited by me.

Pressbox texture. Casey Graves edited by me.

Dirt textures: Me.

Concrete/cement textures: Google edited by me.

TNT/Renegades/Redman/ESPN/Restore logos, banners, and signs: Me.

Chevrolet Banner: Google edited by me.

Brian Carson Ramp and Action Events logo/banner: Me.

Redman Pouch and Renegades Tin: Me.

Christmas Tree: Me. Light bulb textures are from Google and edited by me.

Flags: Me.

Thanks to Damian Bowers for beta testing this track!

Thanks to Eric for testing out the angle/position of the Christmas Trees!


What's New in Version 1.5


  • Adjusted angle, position, color, and brightness of the Christmas Trees.
  • Changed/added better and different sponsor textures.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Only complaint about this track, is the lights aren't angled right for people that drive incab (rollbars block start lights)..and it's not bright enough to see.  

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Thank you for the comments/critiquing, Eric. I didn't even think about the angle of the lights before. Now I realize I should have done that before to make it easier for people to spot. I will also try to edit the glow effect of the lights to make it more noticeable.


If anyone else has any notes/comments on anything that can be corrected, I'd like to hear them before I make a fixed version.

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Other than what I said, it's an awesome track and the stunt jump is badass

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Not the Burnside as it is now (a recent update was released for it). It was included in a bulk pack for 0.37. Not sure if it got updated in that folder or not. I wouldn't have suggested to use a Burnside if a working file wasn't in existence.

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