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About This File

The first truck I've made, and is more than likely going to be used during fun runs and leagues, and runs as a team mate to my Night Strike truck. I hope you guys enjoy, I know I'm a terrible artist, but that aside, enjoy.


SM V4 Makers - Chassis, tires, shocks, etc.

Chris Hamilton - Truck exporting and paint alignment

McKinley Epps - Made a test truck for beta testing

What's New in Version 1.3


  • Replaced the zip with one that has no space, so it can be seen online. There may be a mess-up in the body.png, just put Body.png on the end of HelixForce.png.
  • Fixed every problem; the body being white online, the tires in the back being backwards; everything. Also changed to CK Tires all the way around.

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