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  1. Windows just says it's a MAP file, so I don't know if that means it's a input.map file or just a .map file. Also I use Steam to make the PS4 controller act as Xbox controller but that's it. I tried adding ROR to steam too and that still didnt make anything work. Also, what text file am I supposed to be opening?
  2. I'm using a PS4 controller. I found a config file for a PS4 controller on the ROR repository but that just makes me accelerate uncontrollably. So I tried making my own with the ROR input manager, but when all was said and done and put the new file I just made in the config folder nothing happen. No steering, no throttle, no brake, etc.
  3. Is it possible to setup a controller properly in ROR? So far I can only get a controller to make the trucks accelerate uncontrollably as soon as I hop in a truck, and steering with a keyboard is waaay too slow for my liking.
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