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Fan freestyle!


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I had thought of this idea the other day and thought why not!

You, yes you can go and submit to me a 2:30 freestyle run!

  • you can use whatever map you wish!
  • submit them using a youtube link or a mediafire link
  • they must be in a .avi or .wmv format if you send them via mediafire otherwise I can't view them
  • have fun with it, BUT do go unrealistic
  • DON'T POST THEM HERE!!!!! please send them via PM
  • please send a raw unedited video to me
  • This will be a running series so there will be multiple top tens! BUT PLESE DON'T SPAM ME WITH 50 RUNS!!

This will be updated constantly!!!

Edit: I thought I would also add that at the end of the year there will be a OVERALL CHAMPION for this event!!

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