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V4 Trucks Not Showing Up (Major Issue)



Ok here we go:


So, last night everything was just fine and my trucks were showing up. But then later on that night I decided to go on a downloading spree and downloaded a ton of trucks to add to the pack (yes I know how to add the trucks(extract into the v4 folder, bla bla bla)). I downloaded a lot of trucks (roughly 10-15 different zips). Once I added them to the v4 pack (including the standalones I downloaded since I know it really doesn't matter), I cleared and regenerated the cache, just to be safe. After that, I started up the game, chose a track, and saw that there were no V4 trucks at all, including the downloads I have put in and the ones I just put in recently. I looked up solutions to see if I could fix it myself (took the zip out of the folder to see if they'd show up, put the folder in the vehicles, only cleared the cache, only regenerated the cache, extracted all the files into the folder and then back into the zip, basically anything) and nothing worked out.


Now I just got back into Rigs Of Rods Monster Jam stuff and SimMonsters and I really hope you guys can help me out. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. 

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