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How do I add the ogre mesh exporter to blender?

Madness MT


I want to convert some tracks into game but my computer, blender and the mesh exporter don't like me. I get the exporter but I cannot find the folder the put the exporter in. I do not have pictures and I am sorry about that. Some other things to note is that I have Blender version 2.77 and I want to convert the game to Rigs of Rods .4. If there is any tutorials on how to get OME (Ogre mesh exporter) into blender

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2 hours ago, RORMADNESS said:


No, you posted in the right place, PM was trying to make a post somewhere else and accidentally posted here. You need this: 

Then you need to reinstall blender and choose the installation directory option when installing, and put the files from the .blender folder inside this zip into Program Files/ Blender Foundation/ Blender/ .blender/ scripts


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