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Custom Powder Springs, Georgia


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Name: Powder Springs, Georgia Custom 2018

Venue: Dome Custom Powder Springs, Georgia

Racing Style: NJ Style

Replica or Custom: Custom

Date Ran: NONE

Images/Graphics: If you can't see this image fully look in the 2017 Monster Jam Yearbook on page 41......


Other details: Everything that is Yellow change it to Black, Keep everything that is Green, Freestyle though.. Add a Green Car/Black Van/Green Car Stack on one side of track. The other side of track add 6 Black Cars in two rows side by side. Backflip wall make it out of a Dumpster instead of dirt. and put on the side of the dumpster ( each side) a logo of this


Of course making the dumpster Black so it fits with the above logo. The stadium you can either use what's in the image of track or the Georgia Dome. And make just one Banner say AXE KILO For Racing add the White chalk lines for the trucks to park in and to the racing lanes next to the Cars.


PS. Please message me in my inbox if you are going to make this for me, thanks, I know I've asked someone to make my other request that is in the Truck Request so I'll ask this here and see what anyone can do for me.

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