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All Elite Monster Trucks Preseason

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The start of All Elite Monster Trucks is fast approaching! 

24 Drivers have picked their machines to do battle in!

Coming up in the final weeks of November, both Stadium & Arena Drivers will duel it out for the first time.

Drivers will get a feel for how the rest of the season will operate, and allow last minute changes to set them up for success for the All Elite World Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Its going to be an all out assault, competitors must take every opportunity given to them.

Stick around to the All Elite Sim Monsters forum, for results from each event, and more!




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This previous week was technically the first week of action for All Elite Monster Trucks, and boy oh boy was it exciting!

While not for points, the drivers who were able to show up made the most of this testing grounds to prove themselves and show what they could do!

The Stadium Series would show the Number 1 contender for the Stadium Series title, that being Vincent Akard in the Rockwell R.E.D Monster Truck! Vincent took all three competitions, that being Racing, Skills and Freestyle, showing he was the dominant competitor and the person to look out for! In saying this however, many many competitors showed they could be a force to be reckoned with if Vincent slips up! Andrew Martinez in Bakugan Dragonoid made it all the way to the Semi Finals, defeating Tour Owner Jackson Morris in the VP Racing Fuels The Mad Scientist in the process. In Skills, Travis Palm in Wrecking Machine showed he could be a competitor to look out for, with an amazing Bicycle around the Alamodome! Wayne Cichoki in Grave Digger put on an amazing show in Freestyle, but most impressive was Billy Badass in Max-D Fire; a new comer to the Rigs of Rods Monster Truck scene, showed he too was a force to be reckoned with, getting second in Freestyle!


The Arena Series right from the get-go was going to be interesting, new faces, new experiences, and one goal: To become ALL ELITE. Racing was down to the wire, but ultimately it was between Konner Bauer in Grave Digger the Legend and Kyle Knickerbocker in Twisted Addiction. In a photo finish, Kyle was determined the Racing Winner. During Skills, every competitor put their moves to the test to see if they could claim the win. Lionel Herrera in Zombie Fire had an amazing skills run, leading most of the competiton. Ultimately it came down to Travis Palm subbing for Max Silver in Max-D, who almost perfectly replicated his Skills hit from the Stadium PreSeason event in San Antonio. This along with a jaw dropping second hit gave him the extra point needed to take the win. In Freestyle, each competitor threw down the gauntlet to take the win. Konner Bauer showed up with an incredible Freestyle, along with Billy Badass subbing for Corey New in Wild Side. Ultimately, it would be Kyle Knickerbocker in Twisted Addiction taking the Freestyle Win.


Next week is the beginning of the points series for both tours, meaning from this point onwards, EVERYTHING GOES TOWARDS THE STADIUM SERIES AND ARENA SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Make sure to keep checking the All Elite Sim Monsters Forum Thread for more updates on events, including the results from each show!!

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