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RORMJL Season 4 All Star Challenge

Vegas Golden Knights

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RORMJL Season 5 is on the horizon but before that we have 24 of the best drivers ready to battle it out for their teams they were drafted to. Here is the field of trucks that will compete on April 17 & 18 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

-Team Thompson-
Blake Thompson - Grave Digger (Captain)
Vincent Akard - Northern Nightmare
Nick Worthmen - Max-D Fire
Mark Colineri - Rockwell Red
Jack Merkle - Black Pearl
Trevor Michalesko - Terminal Velocity
Tristan Livdahl - BroDozer
Max Halpert - Mohawk Warrior Fire
Austin Dahlgren - Bounty Hunter
Ike Toussaint - Brutus
Devin Doss - Prowler
Jackson Meszaros - Saigon Shaker

-Team Adam-
Brandon Adam - Monster Energy
Alex Ferullo - Bad Company
Rogelio Hernandez - Zombie
Josh Gajewski - Rage
Tyler May - Son-Uva Digger
Matthew Tyrrell - Predator
Adrian Cooper - Pirate's Curse
Travis Palm - Wild Flower
Chadwick Deerfoot - Bounty Hunter
Brad Kerlin - Barbarian
Joshwa Tavarez - Max-D
Jacob Cervantes - Zombie

The results will be posted below after the event.

You can follow along with the event with the spreadsheet!


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Day 1 Results

Chicago Racing Winner - Vincent Akard
Best Trick Winner - Vincent Akard

Racing Bracket:

Best Trick Results:

Northern Nightmare 9.278
Saigon Shaker 9.261
Monster Energy 9.197
Rockwell R.E.D. 9.185
Bounty Hunter (C) 9.163
The Black Pearl 8.995
Terminal Velocity 8.978
Bad Company 8.899
Max-D Fire 8.847
Grave Digger 8.691
Barbarian 8.574
Zombie (Cervantes) 8.572
Prowler 8.472
Pirate's Curse 8.372
El Toro Loco 8.168
Zombie (Hernandez) 7.895
Son-Uva Digger 7.573
Wild Flower 5.176
Brutus 4.761
Predator 4.614
Mohawk Warrior 2.562
Rage 2.185
Bounty Hunter (M) 2.163
Brodozer 0

*Max-D Tavares replaced with El Toro Loco Jeremy Castillo


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