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Modern Mythical Dragons


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I am seeking out professional help to build one of my all time dream monster truck bodies. These are complex Dragon bodies that I have developed over the years of playing Roblox and want to evolve them further into other platforms like Rigs of Rods and BeamNG.Drive. I have been looking for help for sometime but had no luck as I would either be turned down or the project would never take off. There are many variations of this body, however my main custom is all I mainly want to bring into these games. The other Dragon bodies can be built off of my main custom because this body mold is pretty universal. To make things easier on the builder, I can pull a 3D file of the body straight from ROBLOX so the builder can build off of it in Blender.

I am looking for not only professional body creators but people who have the desire and passion to help with this project. It is a tough one and would take some time, but I wouldn't have a problem with crediting authors and even contributing a commission for a WELL DONE job! To be clear I do want this body to be modified to have a more realistic touch. Rounded edges, smoothed curves, and character. More pictures of the bodies can be sent to any interested creators.

Any takers can either message me on here, but it will be much easier to communicate through either Discord, Facebook, or Email.

Discord:         Tubernaut#4911
Facebook:     Cameron Becker
Email:             cameronbecker43@gmail.com

Thank you guys very much

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