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Monster Mutt Dalmatian


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Name: Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Body: Custom Dog

Engine: 540ci Merlin

Transmission: Coan 2-speed

Tires: 66" Terra/BKT 2nd Gen

Chassis: CRD


Greg CD on Twitter: "Monster Mutt Dalmatian at Tacoma Dome!  @CynthiaGauthier #TeamMMD #MonsterMuttDalmatian #MonsterJam #keren  #kerenabis #gregcd #jump #cool… https://t.co/oyykdD9VfJ"

When is Someone Going To Make an Accurate Body Of Dalmatian, It Would Be Nice To See a Brand New MMD With The 3D Body Debut On Sim Monsters, It Would Look So Nice.

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