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RORMJL S5 Week 6 8/2-8/8


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RORMJL had an eventful 5th week but we are back for week 6. This week is the second to last points stops for Season 5 before we head to World Finals! Stadium Tour 1 went to Tampa, FL as Blake Thompson extended his racing wins on the season. Stadium Tour 2 saw Grave Digger back in the winners circle as Jack Merkle took overall. #MoreRORMJL saw Grave Digger yet again take another overall win and extending his points lead. This week proved to be the week of the Grave Digger's as Brandon Adam swept the first event of RORMJL Season 5. 

Event Times:
8/2 7:00EST Stadium Championship Series 1 in Arlington, TX
8/3 7:00EST Stadium Championship Series 2 in Atlanta, GA
8/4 6:15EST #MoreRORMJL in Baltimore, MD
8/8 5:30EST Arena Championship Series in Edinburg, TX

Any questions or concerns DM myself or Austin Dahlgren on Discord.
Track Links for this week: 



Point Standings After Week 5



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Week 6 Stadium #MoreRORMJL
Baltimore, MD

Racing -  Austin Dahlgren Monster Mutt
Skills- Brad Kerlin Soldier Fortune
Donuts- Mason Paul Alien Invasion
Speedsters- Alex Ferullo Grave Digger
Freestyle- Nick Worthmen BroDozer
Overall- Austin Dahlgren Monster Mutt

Racing Bracket - unknown.png

Other results will be found in the Event History.

Week 6 Arena Championship Series 2
Edinburg, TX

Racing- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Skills- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Donuts- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Freestyle- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Overall- Brandon Adam Grave Digger

Timed Racing Results- unknown.png

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