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RORMJL S5 Week 7 8/9-8/15

Vegas Golden Knights

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RORMJL comes to a close this week as Week 7 is Finale week! The points race is close between both stadium tours, with each top 3 being in top contention. Alex Ferullo has a 28 point lead on Vincent Akard in #MoreRORMJL, meaning he could lock up the series only 2 competitions in! Brandon Adam continues his dominance with a 23 point lead over Tyler May as we hit our final stop on the road to RORMJL World Finals 5 in Tampa, Florida. Qualifiers for World Finals 5 will be announced within the discord and the @RORMJL Instagram page.

Event Times:
8/9 7:30EST Stadium Championship Series 1 in Salt Lake City, UT
8/10 7:30EST Stadium Championship Series 2 in Daytona Beach, FL
8/11 7:30EST #MoreRORMJL in Chester, PA
8/15 7:30EST Arena Championship Series 2 in Salinas, CA

Any questions or concerns DM myself or Tyler Richmond on Discord.

Track Links for this week:



Point Standings after Week 6, heading to the Final stop




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Stadium Championship Series 1 Results
Salt Lake City, UT

Racing- Blake Thompson Over Bored
Skills- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid
Freestyle- Rogelio Hernandez Megalodon
Overall- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid
Series Champion- Izzy Martinez Bakugan Dragonoid

Racing Bracket- unknown.png

Final Point Standings

Izzy Martinez 259
Max Halpert 249
Blake Thompson 233
Danny Mackey 221
Chris Pervolarakis 217
Rogelio Hernandez 209
Josh Gajewski 197
Adrian Cooper 194
Jaden Greene 193
Tristan Livdahl 167
Konner Bauer 157
Travis Palm 128
Mario Ortega 112
Irving Marin 95
Josh Kingma 87
Ike Toussaint 45

Stadium Championship Series 2 Results
Daytona Beach, FL

Racing- Nick Worthmen BroDozer
Skills- Nick Worthmen BroDozer
Freestyle- Aaron Lurie Monster Energy
Overall- Nick Worthmen BroDozer
Series Champion- Nick Worthmen BroDozer

Racing Bracket- unknown.png

Final Point Standings

Nick Worthmen 256
Chadwick Deerfoot 245
Will Meyer 245
Jack Merkle 235
Devin Doss 233
Aaron Lurie 202
Jax Cohen 196
Jayden McClam 189
Chris Bialek 152
Max Silver 139
Jackson Meszaros 130
Michael Alonzo 107
Nick Tedrick 102
Blaine Davis 59
Trent Phung 59
Christian Lenued 53
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#MoreRORMJL Finale Results
Chester, PA

Racing- Alex Ferullo Grave Digger
Skills- Austin Dahlgren Monster Mutt
Donuts- Brad Kerlin Soldier Fortune
Speedsters- Vincent Akard Max-D
Freestyle- Jeremy Castillo El Toro Loco
Overall- Vincent Akard Max-D
Series Champion- Alex Ferullo Grave Digger

Racing bracket- unknown.png

Final Point Standings 

Alex Ferullo 199
Vincent Akard 184
Austin Dahlgren 165
Jeremy Castillo 156
Brad Kerlin 149
Mason Paul 132
Cameron Perkins 57
Mark Colineri 42
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Arena Championship Series Finale Results
Cincinnati, OH

Timed Racing- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Two Wheel Skills- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Donuts- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Freestyle- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Overall- Brandon Adam Grave Digger
Series Champion- Brandon Adam Grave Digger

Timed Racing Results- unknown.png



Brandon Adam 180
Tyler May 139
Gavin Dirschell 115
Colt Durham 115
Eduardo Damian 72
Adam Boyne 56
Martin Hussey 39
Nick Rilander 33
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