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BK's Regards.

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Good evening everyone , I am here to say this will be the last time I will ever post on this site and drive on monster truck gaming as I am retiring from driving after 2022.
Regarding my past on the Discord server and everywhere else on RO-MJ servers , I was a total jerk to alot of  fellow members the past 4 years. My chats to every alot of people on DISCORD was a sickening thing and I totally understand the dislikement towards me. Why am I posting this you ask? Well I don't feel right without posting a meaningful apology to everyone , as it would not be right. 
I'm not gonna namedrop but I do know those who don't like me , but please keep up whatever your doing and live as you did not need my cheeky and ego-ness in your life sorry i disturbed it. Do I deserve to be frowned upon? Yes , it was totally my fault and no one elses. I'm not saying this to feel sorry for me but , I just didn't wanna live another second without saying these words as they were in the back of my mind or a while now. Thank you so much whoever reads/clicks on this and have a great day/night.


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