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Is anyone willing to help me make these trucks?

Bluelight Designs


I am starting a series of Custom Trucks and i have only made 3 so far. Is anyone willing to help me out with some of these trucks? If so it would Help Me a lot if i got assistance. And it would help me get through this faster.


Here is the list of trucks that need to be finished:



Speed Demon
Qwad Up
Donut Destruction
Prehistoric Madness
Reckless Radiation 
Burnin' Blue
Lit Up
Heavy Load
Silver Arrow
Air Attack
Rigs of Rods SMTV
City Destroyer
Metal Mayhem
Wrong Direction
Taco Tuesday
Battery Buster
Raging Red
Electronic Boom
Sound Blaster
Electricity Shock
High Taxes
Snap on Tools
Pizza Party
Sweet Revenge
Titanium Camino
Patriotic Crush
Cold Blooded
High Voltage
Military Mayhem
High Stakes
Mechanical Roar
Orange Flow
Desert Cat
Bone Basher
Golden Fury
Beach Buggy
Hot Rod
Olive Garden
Velvet Violation
Time Freezer
Hot Flash 
Dual Destruction
Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Extreme Tour
Fresh Catch

Also if you do make a skin. Please post the image as a reply so i can use it. I will give credit once they are finished.

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I can tell you this right now...

High Voltage, Shark Bait, and Speed Demon are all already made customs, and Cold Blooded is a truck in real life driven by Donny Herbert. Fresh Catch was the name of the ride truck owned by Greg Winchenbach and his family, so that's pretty much taken even if they don't use the ride truck anymore, it was still something that was made. Shark Bait is a truck that runs on Rigs of Rods and Roblox, Speed Demon ran on rigs in early 2021, I would know because I drove it on occasion from time to time. 

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