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Fefe Cayres

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Name: ThunderROARus

Body: Custom 2008 Ford F150 ThunderROARus Concept

Chassis: 3rd Generation CRD

Engine: 540ci Merlin

Transmition: Coan 2-Speed

Tires: 66" 4th Generation BKTS

Paint (images of color/graphics):  

Open Jaw/Pit Party:thundy-2.jpg?itok=w0_WZCLRthundy-1.jpg?itok=t_Ne7keC


Closed Jaw/CompetitionMonster Jam ThunderROARus #12 by DipperBronyPines98 on DeviantArt:thundy-c.jpg?itok=en2KD72v


Roof Design:



Edited by Fefe Cayres
(Recently Updated It For New Photos For The Truck Itself Due To The Old Ones From It's Debut.)
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