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Considered New? Absolutely


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So this is relatively new to me, since I had never heard of this community before.


That said, my name is Nëïgsëndöïg Cöcülës (Neeg-sen-doyg Ko-kyu-uhls), and I'm the founder and CEO of the Cöcülës Industries Spy Network (CISN for short), a YouTube startup I founded in 2021 (September 3rd of that year), while going into other forms of multimedia. I'm very new to RoR in general, and was interested in this after finding out that there are Monster Jam based mods on here. I took a look at RoR in the past, and I was pretty disinterested. Nowadays, since there is a chance that BeamNG won't work properly on Linux, though it is made with the Torque3D Engine, I thought this would be a good alternative (though it is the OG from what I can gather). I'd love to be a part of the YouTube community as well, as you can see my multimedia work primarily on there under the channel name CoculesNation. You can contact me using Revolt (that being app.revolt.chat) under the same name as I have on here, or email me with the email on the channel (Yes, it's a ProtonMail address). If you were interested in having me in your project, I'm always open to discuss, and see if that's right for me to do or not, depending on personal factors for myself. That said, that's the American Android in a nutshell.

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