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im no where near new but may as well introduce myself


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hai! my name is larry and im a major monster jam fan and have been for about 10 years now im 16 years old and my main goal is to make a name for myself in motorsports

iv done iracing a lot and sometimes when the monster jam phase comes around im always happy to attempt fun runs and leagues when i get the chance and currage and id happily make a name for myself

i made my debut to monster truck leagues in the freestyle battle series which i made my debut in fbs 8  driving hooked in which i had my battle with cora solera which was an amazing debut i did make it to a few other fbs events but those where not posted to youtube or recorded

eventually i made it to a bigger league i signed up for the rigs of rods summer points series and qualified for only two events driving over board those two events being st louis 2020 and Louisville Kentucky tnt motorsports at one point i did attempt a sign up for xmt but i ended up failing to qualify to most if not all of the events and never scored a single point 

if there ever is any fun runs and/leagues ill be happy to attempt to sign up and try to make a name for myself in this community

if you have any questions feel free to ask im happy to answer!!!

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