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How to swap Truck Physics?



Hi everyone!! Seeking some help to swap out some Truck Physics!! I came into possession of a very RARE truck, Snakebite 2009, which I plan to enter into future competition (Hopefully RORMJL one day, lol). However, the Truck is a bit... Let's say, Wonky.


The model is fantastic, but it's a little TOO good. The 2 front "Fangs" (Extending vertical bars on the Truck) clip Backflip ramps, sometimes acting like you've hit a brick wall. I've managed to work around this in the past, by swapping the Physics with the RORMJL Blue Thunder truck, however this was a LONG time ago, and while I have the OG Truck, I don't have the save of the fixed version. The last time I did this, the truck model disappeared, but saved the Physics. Any and All help would be SO Appreciated, into making Snakebite a competition ready truck, thank you!!!

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