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Tuesday Night NASCAR series


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For all that are interested i am hosting a GT5 NASCAR league starting December 6th. It will be called the TNN series (Tuesday Night Nascar) this will be at 10PM or slightly later because i work till about 9:15 on week nights. most races are around 100 miles so a pit stop will likly be required in each event. This will be open to the 12 NASCAR cup cars only. you can use 2010 or 2011 cars or one of the two "house" cars that you get to pic from in the GT garage while racing online. I would hope all thoes that are willing to sign up have SOME ability to RACE with others and not just pile off into the turns and take people out. its racing some contact is expected but if your going to be a DERP dont bother. Basicly dont be a **** and ill let you race.

looking at a 12 race schedule that will see real tracks mixed with fictionals also there will be one special even on week 6 that will be double points. The DWM will be run on the 5 different cape ring tracks Each race will be 6 laps which comes out to ROUGHLY 77 miles. the event will be double points. before ANYONE says anything i know Dan never raced NASCAR but i felt the need to host some kind of tribute to him.

1. Monza 25L

2. Trial Mountain 40L

3. BBC Top Gear 45L

4.Autum Ring Mini 85L

5. Suzuka East 70L

6. Dan Wheeldon Memorial race @ The Cape Ring

7. Nurburgring 8L

8. Indy Motor Speedway 40L

9. De La Sarth Old School 10L

10. High Speed Ring 50L

11. Grand Valley 30L

12. Daytona 50L

as for points im thinking...

1st - 25

2nd -19

3rd - 16

4th - 13

5th -10

6th - 8

7th - 6

8th - 4

9th - 2

all others get 1 for coming out

one point for the pole which will be determined by a 15 minute open track qualifying in which you can run as many or as few laps as you wish. ill call for you to finish your lap and return to pits. plkease do so quickly so we can get things going ASAP. Double file rolling starts but i MIGHT do a standing start for the DWM_77 race and/or another event down the line. nothing official but it will mostly be double file rolling starts.

set ups are open as well as pit stratagy. Have fun and be creative. there will be NO cautions, NO boost. if you want to use aids be my guest as the just slow you down.

the Champion gets a car. not sure what i can gift or not gift but it will be a good one. depending on the rules of gifting you may need to trade me a junker for a jewel. not sure but you will get something for winning the title.

sign up here. ill need to know your Gamer tag so i can throw out people that are not part of our championship. Mics not required. If you do have one make sure its FULLY charged and working properly as to not lag the room. if your mic is chopping ill ask you turn it off as to not lag people out.

i also ask that if you join the league or plan to add me to your friends list to make any annoucments or contacts easier. im L_Keniston_13K on the PNS.

open to the first 15 that sign up. ive run a few leagues on other games in the past but this will be my first attempt at one on GT5 or PS3

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