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Rockstar JR.

Psycho Fox

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i know this is not a monster truck but not sure where else to post the request so here it is!!

Name: Rockstar JR.

Body: not sure the year but Chevy truck body thats all i know haha

Chassis: Custom miller chassis

Paint: Classic Rockstar paint scheme on a flat back body Rockstar name angled in an upward diagonal with the flames at Rock in the shape of a guitar with a bright yellow JR. below star here is a link if it works (( http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/img2454x.jpg/ ))

would love to have all three of the millers trucks but this one is the one i want the most so i would be ecstatic to at least drive this one if whoever want to do this truck and wants to do the other 2 i can try and get some pics let me know by friday haha there here in town and i can get some close ups if interested

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