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I'll try to help you the best I can.

You can download the game over here:


Just put the folder into your program files and hit the "config" to access the game.

Download the V4 truck pack in the downloads section to access all the trucks. Put that .zip into your /Documents/Rigs of Rods/Packs folder.

Then you can download some tracks on here and put that in your /Documents/Rigs of Rods/Terrains folder

Then when you're done all that, go to your config, go to the Advanced tab, and then hit "clear and regen"

After its done, exit out of it, open up the config again and hit "Save and Play"

Then you should be all set to go! If you need any other help, you can PM me, or post a reply back on here, i'll be glad to help.

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