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V4 CustomThe Incredible Hulk Custom!


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File Name: The Incredible Hulk Custom!

File Submitter: Aces98

File Submitted: 10 Aug 2013

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is a custom Hulk truck Awesome_Kong_13 an I made! The paint could be better but something happened and I couldnt edit it again... So I hope you enjoy it as it is! If you like it rate it 5 stars!

***!!!!***!!!***!!! Comes with a soundback so back up original sounds (gravediggeridle.wav, gravediggerlow.wav, etc.) in case you want them back later. VERY IMPORTANT ****!!!!!*****!!!!!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


John Dough: DoughBoys Cut Goodyear Tires

Maker of BlueMax V4: we used your rims :) thanks.

Soundpack's : xunlexrods

Awesom_Kong_13: Thanks for the Blender work! And some paint help!

Me: Textures/Paint

Click here to download this file

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