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V4 CustomCustom Taurus Pack

Taurus Racer 13

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File Name: Custom Taurus Pack

File Submitter: Taurus Racer 13

File Submitted: 26 Feb 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

Here is a the other Taurus trucks i built just messing around with ideas of what it would look like if they brought it back. The paint scheme on 7 was going to be a Dave Turpin Taurus but i couldn't get the flag part done ,8,and9 were designed by me and 10 is the original paint from Taurus # 1 Just add to the V4 pack.


All paint -Me

Chassis work on 7-Awesome Kong 13 painted by Luke

Construction 8,9,10-Me

Tires on 7-Sealed Gecko

Cloning-7 awesome Kong 13- on 8,9,10 Me

The rest V4 Crew

Click here to download this file

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