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V4 ReplicaGrave Digger 27 2013


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File Name: Grave Digger 27 2013

File Submitter: IceCreamRulz

File Submitted: 07 Mar 2014

File Category: V4 Replica


Crazy: ISP seat, and some other parts

Chris: fire extinguisher, switches, RII box, and other numerous parts

Johan: Fuel cell, original body paint (?), Rims, and all other V5 Parts

Kozak: Chassis tubing

Klayton: Tires, and probably some other stuff

Ryan: gauges, and some other V4 parts

Matt: Axles (?)

Rear steer motor- Daniel Donelly

Apologies if I forgot someone.

Have fun with it, to note, this is the 2013 version with the Jazz fuel cell, might update it if you guys want (Personally like it better with the Jazz cell).

Click here to download this file

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