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V4 CustomWreckless Intent III


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File Name: Wreckless Intent III

File Submitter: JoshDIGRhodes

File Submitted: 10 Mar 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

The third version of my Wreckless Intent truck. Finally changed up the body and had Kozak put a whole new chassis under it based off of Adam Anderson's Grave Digger The Legend truck. This is probably the best handling truck I've ever personally driven in ROR, love it. Can't wait to race it in SRMA.

Body: Not Sure exactly. But its awesome!

Paint: Casey Graves, modified by Chadwick Deerfoot to fit the body

Chassis: Kozak (Modified GDTL)

Shocks and Shock Shafts: Kozak (textured and lined up in game by SealedGecko)

Engine: SealedGecko

Motor Mounts: Kozak

Tires: Klayton

Rims: acdcFan

Electronics Panel: GhostX

ISP Seat, Axle, Transfercase, Transmission, Radiator, Transmission Coolers and Fans: Crazyman

Grant Challenger Wheel: Ethan

Fuel Cell, Batteries: V4

Click here to download this file

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