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V4 ReplicaOverkill Evolution


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File Name: Overkill Evolution

File Submitter: DanDon

File Submitted: 16 Mar 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

After about two months of very hard work, I can proudly say that Overkill Evolution is now released! This is probably my best work in Rigs of Rods to date, and I couldn't have done it without a great team of people behind me! Enough said, let's get to the credits so these people can get the recognition they deserve!

Building Team:

Daniel Donnelly (DanDon)

Mark Colineri (Mark Colineri)

Nicholas Kozak (Outlawed)

John Dough (John Dough)

Johan Seminario (acdcfan56)

Matt Wilkinson (SealedGecko)

Edy Beltran (Coconutmen)


Body Model/Graphics - John Dough, acdcfan56

Chassis Model - Outlawed

Chassis Construction - DanDon, Mark Colineri

Chassis Texturing - Mark Colineri

Engine Model/Textures - SealedGecko, RockCrwlr, Mark Colineri

Transmission Model/Textures - acdcfan56

Transfer Case/Output Shafts Model/Texture - crazyman444 (modified by DanDon)

Lexan/Diamond Plate Models - DanDon (textured by Mark Colineri)

Pedals Model/Textures - acdcfan56

Shocks Model/Textures - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers (modified by DanDon), Coconutmen

Tire Model/Texture - RockCrwlr

Rim Model/Texture - acdcfan56 (modified by Wambo, DanDon), Wambo

4-Link Bar, Steering Ram, Tie Rod, Driveshaft Model/Textures/Placement - DanDon

Axle Housing Model/Texture - crazyman444 (about 80% modified by DanDon), DanDon

Rear Steer Motor Model - DanDon

Coil Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers, Coconutmen

Battery Model/Texture - Sim-Monsters V4 Pack Makers

Shock Placement - DanDon, SealedGecko

Suspension Set-Up - DanDon

If I forgot anyone or anything, I do apologize and let me know through a private message and I will be sure to update the list of credits!

Another big thanks to everyone involved and I hope everyone on the Sim-Monsters community enjoys this awesome truck!

Click here to download this file

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I respect that you tried to reduce lag in ways but I still am only getting 11=17 frames a second

There's nothing more I can do, then. There's literally only two other ways I can think of to reduce lag at this point:

1.) Take off the shocks

2.) Replace the V4.5 EcoWork tires with the V4 EcoWork tires

If you want to know how to do this stuff, PM me on here.

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